Educational opportunities for you offered by OOIDA

Educational opportunities for you offered by OOIDA

The OOIDA Foundation has released a free online class covering drug and alcohol testing regulations. It covers who is responsible as well as the six types of tests.

“Making Sure You Get Paid” is the title of another class being offered by OOIDA. The class covers the options a driver has to recover payment from a carrier, broker and/or shipper, as well as the steps a driver should take to protect themselves.

A class to explain to truckers how to use the National Consumer Complaint Database is also on the list. Despite the name, the database is actually a place for truckers to report carriers that coerce drivers to violate regulations.

OOIDA is offering an online class to help truckers use broker bonds to ensure they are paid for loads they haul. The class is titled “Effects of the Broker Bond Requirement Change.”

Finding service when you break down on the road is a class that covers things a driver can do to prevent a breakdown, the steps he should take to be prepared for when a breakdown occurs, and tips to help hold down costs.

A vast majority of businesses fail in the first year because they cannot control their costs. The OOIDA class “Understanding the cost of operations” is designed to help you avoid being one of those that fails by walking you through the different types of costs of operating a trucking business, as well as how to save and invest.

Another class is designed to help you decide whether to purchase a new or used truck or trailer, including tips and resources to find the right equipment. 

And finally: The Association offers CVSA Inspections – Levels 1, 2 and 3.  If you are a professional truck driver chances are you are going to get pulled over for a CVSA inspection. Watch a roadside inspection and learn answers to the five most commonly asked questions.

You can take all of those classes and more at