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Attention South Dakota members and drivers

Senator John Thune (R-SD) introduced S. 1532, the No Human Trafficking on Our Roads Act. Senator Thune's bill would permanently disqualify an individual convicted of felony human trafficking while using a CMV from renewing their CDL (i.e. a lifetime ban).

Please know that OOIDA is opposed to this bill. We agree that someone convicted of human trafficking while using a CMV should not be behind the wheel of a truck. However, Senator Thune's bill needlessly singles out truck drivers. Considering that truck drivers are the first line of defense against this type of crime, it's a slap in the face to truckers. OOIDA supports efforts to improve awareness and enhance the role of truckers in combatting human trafficking, but S. 1532 accomplishes neither. In fact, Truckers Against Trafficking - a group dedicated to the fight against human trafficking - does not support Senator Thune's bill.

To provide a little context, human trafficking was the subject of a Senate hearing on July 12. The purpose was to discuss ongoing human trafficking efforts. Ironically, the gist of the hearing testimony was about how great truckers are at identifying and reporting human trafficking. Not only is Senator Thune's legislation unwarranted, he's singling out truckers for special punishment, which could serve as a deterrent to drivers that might otherwise get involved.

We would encourage you to contact Senator Thune and voice your opposition to S. 1532. You can contact him at his Washington, D.C., office via phone at (202) 224-2321 or email him by clicking HERE.

Truckers in other states are encouraged to contact their senators with the same message. You can reach any other senator by dialing 202-224-3121.

You can also email Senator Thune or any other senator using the website

As always, thank you for everything you do and please let us know if you have any questions.


OOIDA Legislative Action Team

Air date: July 18, 2017


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