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Jon Osburn and OOIDA’s Tour Truck, the Spirit of the American Trucker, are at the J.D. “Doc” Osburn TA in Boise, Idaho. That’s located at Exit 54 on Interstate 84. Stop in, say hi to Jon, and join OOIDA for a $10 discount. See the full Spirit Schedule. Air date: June 22, 2018.

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National Call to Action: Real truckers ignored

Yesterday, the Senate Transportation's Subcommittee on Surface Transportation was scheduled to hold a hearing on "Continuing to Improve Truck Safety on our Nation's Highways." However, from the time the hearing was gaveled open, it was less about improving safety and more about how to impose even more federal regulations on the industry. The lone voice "representing" truckers was Jerry Moyes, Chairman Emeritus of Swift Transportation. He wasted no time touting the "benefits" of ELD's and speed limiters. Then, there was the NTSB Chairman who said technology is the only way to improve safety. And of course there was the CVSA representative who talked a lot about how cops need more money for enforcement. Have we mentioned the calls for mandatory hair follicle testing and increased minimum insurance requirements?

This was a hearing that simply ignored real truckers. It railroaded them without an opportunity to refute a word of it. So now's our chance. Yesterday's hearing clearly showed that some of the Senate is out-of-touch with how to actually improve trucking safety and we need you to set them straight. Please call both your Senators today and tell them your thoughts on the Senate Transportation Committee's hearing. While you're at it, let them know that Congress should be working to eliminate costly regulations like ELD's and speed limiters rather than adding even more rules and red tape. It's time to knock out regulations!

Your Senators need to hear from you! Please contact both your Senators today!

Air date: Mar. 15, 2017.


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