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What if the Transformers had ELDs? ‐ Tyson Fisher brings us a very different view of the effect of ELDs. Read Tyson’s rant, “What if the Transformers had ELDs”.
Government research should study inefficiencies of government research ‐ Land Line Magazine’s Tyson Fisher shares his thoughts on government studies. Read Tyson’s rant, “Government research should study inefficiencies of government research”.
Mad Max and autonomous trucks ‐ Movies portraying a possible dark future are popular in Hollywood. However, Land Line Magazine’s Chuck Robinson says that’s no reason to make that future happen now. You can read Chuck’s comments here: Uber’s news suggests my dystopia has nearly arrived.
‘Long Haul’ Paul releases latest album ‐ Truckers look for ways to pass the time. Some do it by singing. And some of them sing it very well. Land Line Magazine’s Mark Schremmer offers an example. Read Mark’s rant, ‘Long Haul’ Paul releases latest album.
The cost of losing a truck stop ‐ Eminent domain has been around for a very long time, but like anything else, it has consequences. Land Line Magazine staff writer Tyson Fisher offers a few thoughts. Read Tyson’s rant, ‘The cost of losing a truck stop’.
The King, the Duke and Jim ‐ The trucking industry recently suffered a great loss with the passing of OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston. Terry Scruton shares some personal thoughts on working with ‘Big Jim’. Read Terry’s blog, The King, the Duke and Jim.

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