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Hammer heads

Here’s a statement you don’t often hear: Lawyers sure make my job easier.

I’ve been doing ROSES & RAZZBERRIES for both Land Line Magazine and Land Line Now for 12 years, and there is one thing that never fails. Whenever I need some good old-fashioned RAZZBERRIES, I can always count on some sleazy ambulance chaser to deliver.

The latest example came to us from OOIDA Member David Sykes of Sneads Ferry, N.C., who snapped a pic of a billboard featuring a lawyer trolling for victims of semi-truck accidents and urging them to “Call The Hammer.” What is it with these guys and that nickname? I know there’s one in Texas, too. Heck, there’s probably a Hammer in every state. You never see one called “The Wrench.”  Or “The Pliers” (“We’ll pry that money away from those big, bad evil trucks!”). It doesn’t really matter. They’re all tools anyway.

So if these hammer heads are so common, what makes this one stand out? Well, I’ll tell you. Our man David may be from North Carolina, but he snapped the picture at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville. That oh-so-tasteful sign was posted directly across the interstate from the Expo Center. 

Nice. We can’t really fault the city or the billboard company for this one. But we sure can blame the lawyer. That sign was tasteless at best, poor judgement at worst, and just plain wrong either way.

Here’s a recipe for an angry mob: Take a billboard that insults an entire profession and place it in prominent view of the location of that profession’s biggest event of the year. Brilliant!

That’s kind of like setting up a meth lab right across the street from police headquarters. It isn’t going to end well. What’s next? Is this guy going to get his own booth at next year’s show? I suspect if he did he wouldn’t need to chase any more ambulances. They’d be coming to him.


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