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Self-Driving Golf Clubs?

I was disappointed to hear the other day that it could be decades before self-driving golf clubs are widely available.

That means I’ll have to live with my usual triple-to-quadruple bogie on every hole.

Self-driving trucks, on the other hands, could put 1.7 million drivers out of work within 10 years according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

Sounds Chicken Little-ish to me.

On the other hand, Daimler, Paccar, Navistar and Volvo are all investing in, and/or test driving, “autonomous” trucks.

And newcomers like Otto and Starsky Systems are working on their own versions.

So far, the scenarios we’re hearing involve everything from a trucker being in the cab at all times – even when the robotic truck is driving – to a truck with no human on the interstates that would rely on a trucker at a remote control console to steer it during “the final mile.”

It still sounds futuristic to me.

But we have a new president who’s opposed to government overregulation.

And since regulations are widely cited as a big – if not the biggest – hurdle to deploying self-driving trucks ... who knows?

And if Trump deregulates the self-driving golf club industry, my caddie may be out of a job in five years.

But I’ll be shooting par.


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