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Has spring sprung?

I realize that spring technically doesn’t arrive until later this month, March 20 to be exact, but February has been historically warm. In fact 2017 has been a record breaker with the most 60-plus degree days worldwide ever recorded for the month.

According to the spring index (yes, there is one), which climatologists have been tracking for the past six years, the earliest onset of spring was in 2012. But it appears that 2017, when you average all the temps from coast to coast and region to region, will be the new record holder for earliest start of spring.

So is it spring or not?

Truckers who drive the more northern routes still have snow gear –chains, bungees, waterproof gloves, extra washer fluid, and plenty of warm clothing securely packed on board. Snoqualmie Pass was closed Wednesday morning.

On the other hand, it is time for the seasonal spring thaw in at least seven U.S. states and 11 Canadian provinces or territories. Truckers hauling in northern areas need to pay attention to spring weight restrictions or risk a fine.

No wonder Phil, that furry little weather prognosticator, was confused. I mean after all he’s been at this for 131 years. Surely he’s put something away for retirement.

Phil this year was reportedly in a rather feisty mood when fetched from his home, cage, hollow log … wherever the varmint lives, and he did indeed see his shadow predicting six more weeks of bleak winter weather. But other groundhogs saw it differently.

Staten Island Chuck, who boasts the best accuracy at 80 percent, was at odds with Phil this year and called for an early spring. Despite his accuracy, I had never even heard of Chuck before researching this blog. Obviously Chuck the groundhog needs a better PR and marketing team.

Bottom line is it’s all about your perspective on whether or not spring has sprung. As far as Phil goes, maybe he should consider a different line of work.

We’re always looking for more truckers.


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